Gary Iskak Arrested By Drugs, Richa Iskak: Don't Judge
Gary Iskak - Richa Iskak (Instagram @richaiskak)

JAKARTA - Actor Gary Iskak was arrested by the police for taking drugs. His wife, Richa Iskak, expressed support for her husband through the latest upload on social media.

"Hello, you..The strong one. We can through this together, agaaaaain!" wrote Richa Iskak on Tuesday, May 24.

"Sometimes God helps you not with something happy. But with pain, injury, suffering and disappointment because God wants to save you from the wrong people, places, and circumstances," he said.

She also asked the public not to judge her husband negatively. He did not forget to thank his relatives for the prayers for this case.

"Don't judge before you know the truth. Thank you friends who love me and my husband, your support means a lot to us. Pray for us always so that we are strong, patient and steadfast in facing this storm of trials and tests. Love youuu," the lid.

A few hours earlier, Richa had also asked the media to give them time not to judge Gary Iskak's situation.

"Attention! Please give us more time for privacy. I know. I know. He is ok. Stuck in an unwanted situation and I don't know," he said.

"Please for netizen friends, all media. Give us time for all. Don't judge before you know the truth," wrote Richa Iskak.

This post received comments from fellow artists. They sent their prayers to Richa Iskak to get through the whole case well.

"Hug tight, Sis," wrote Tantri KOTAK.

"Sis icha!! You are strong, you are great," wrote Melody Prima.

"Hey you guys. Stay strong. Hopefully it can be passed well," said Mona Ratuliu.

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