Denies Cheating With Mimi Bayuh, Raffi Ahmad: Anything To Nagita Slavina
Raffi Ahmad (screenshot)

JAKARTA - Raffi Ahmad has raised his voice regarding the news of an affair with his employee, Mimi Bayuh. Previously, the news went viral on social media along with all the evidence shared by netizens.

Through his latest video, Raffi Ahmad clarified with his wife, Nagita Slavina. He explained that Nagita already knew about taking a private jet with Mimi Bayuh.

"When we wanted to go home, there was an empty plane behind us. She (Mimi Bayuh) was riding. I mean, if people want to ride, it's still empty, it's normal," said Raffi Ahmad on Tuesday, May 24.

Regarding the handrails that were highlighted, Raffi admitted that there was turbulence, so it was natural for passengers to be surprised.

"The helicopter has been around for a very long time. There is turbulence. On (shocked) hold, it is repeated again. There's nothing like that," explained Raffi Ahmad.

In addition, netizens also mentioned that Raffi Ahmad's father-in-law, Rieta Amalia, had stopped following Mimi Bayuh's account. Raffi immediately contacted his father-in-law to ask about it.

"The news is great. (Mama Rieta) doesn't know," replied Raffi Ahmad.

"Yesterday also to Makassar, he also said. Mimi wants to come, I'm talking to you right? Jet planes are that big. Too bad," he said again.

Raffi Ahmad made this clarification video because there was a lot of news circulating and he didn't want any slander. He also always told Nagita Slavina more than anyone else.

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