Jeremy Thomas Challenged To Change Appearance For Film Chasing Heaven
Jeremy Thomas (Tari / VOI)

JAKARTA - Actor Jeremy Thomas presents something new through the film Mengjar Heaven. His appearance changed to follow his character, Hendrik who became the father of Atiqah (Jessica Mila).

Chasing Heaven tells of Atiqah (Jessica Mila) who is looking for her father, Hendrik (Jeremy Thomas) to be her guardian. Atiqah wants to marry Iqbal (Al Ghazali).

“This film tells the roots of Indonesian families. I play Hendrik and this role is quite interesting,” explained Jeremy Thomas at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday, May 23.

For the sake of Hendrik's role, Jeremy Thomas appears with a different hairstyle. He looks long and has a surprising facial appearance. This is a challenge for him who is considered an actor of face capital.

“Want to respond to the (stigma) of cool actors only acting according to their appearance. When I accepted this role, I prioritized the inner collect in expressing Javanese vocations," said Jeremy Thomas.

“I agree to make an effort because the story is good. We are also in the Netherlands for a limited time, so as an Indonesian production, the challenges are also many," said Jeremy Thomas.

His co-star, Al Ghazali also briefly revealed that Jeremy Thomas was expelled during filming. Jeremy Thomas who appears shabby is considered a homeless by people around.

“I thought Uncle Jeremy was homeless. You're wearing make-up like that, when you're shooting, you're expelled," said Al Ghazali.

Jeremy Thomas' latest film, Mengjar Heaven will be shown in Indonesian cinemas starting Thursday, May 26.

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