Reportedly Asking For Sex Four Times A Week, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Getting Married Soon
Jennifer Lopez - Ben Affleck (Columbia)

JAKARTA - The wedding of the Hollywood couple Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and Ben Affleck is one of the most awaited weddings by fans. Had broken up and failed to get married, they reunited after 20 years had passed.

Tuesday, April 12, Jennifer Lopez revealed how Affleck proposed to her again for the second time. Through the Newsletter, the singer of Ain't Your Mama told the public that she was proposed to while in the bathtub.

"Saturday night when I was in my favorite place on earth (bathtub) my boyfriend came and proposed to me," said JLo.

“Trying to think about the fact that after 20 years this happened, I was so shocked and he said, 'Is that it? I said of course YES," said Jennifer Lopez.

“I smiled and tears fell, I felt so happy. (The proposal) is not luxurious but it is the most romantic thing one could ever imagine," he said.

Their wedding ceremony is rumored to take place this week. The issue of JLo and Ben Affleck's marriage first surfaced on Reddit.

"JLo and Ben are getting married in Georgia this weekend my husband said. They have already rented a Ritz Carlton hotel in Lake Oconee," the Reddit user was quoted as saying by AceShowbiz.

JLo really can't wait for her marriage to Ben Affleck. They have made a prenuptial agreement for the continuation of a more harmonious domestic relationship.

One of JLo's requests in the prenuptial agreement was quite controversial. This is about sex. Jennifer Lopez wants to have sex with Ben at least four times a week.

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