Have A Little Words, Here's Why Introverts Find Strength In Silence
Illustration of the strength of introverted personality (Unsplash/Timothy Dykes)

YOGYAKARTA – For introverts, words need to be arranged effectively. They often receive the question 'why don't you talk so much?' or 'why don't you ever talk?'. The question describes the assumptions of people around introverts. In fact, the power in silence belongs to this unique personality.

The wider community really appreciates people who contribute greatly to the discussion. This often makes introverts misunderstood as passive discussion participants. The fallacy of this assumption, introverts are not without thinking about the topics discussed.

In silence, introverts have worries, anticipations, and discomforts that are being organized in a more structured way in their heads. For example, a songwriter, they compose lyrics in silence which often describe their worries about the world around them calmly and mysteriously.

kepribadian introvert
Illustration of the strength of introverted personality (Unsplash/Timothy Dykes)


Launching Introvert Dear, Friday, May 20, for introverts, strength is found in calm. This is not widely understood by other personalities, extroverts for example. When introverts are quiet, they may be creating anticipation. Like when other people complain a lot because of a pile of work, introverts prefer to stay calm even though they both feel tired. This method belongs to introverts as the ability to fight the negative effects of being experienced.

In another context, the introverted residence is also a method. When they are silent, others around them will feel uncomfortable. This moment of silence can be intimidating and make the other person reveal the facts without being forced.

Sometimes, introverts choose to be silent for a while until they find the right moment to express their thoughts. Thoughts need to be carefully thought through, according to introverts. According to Susan Cain, lecturer and author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, introverts have two ears and one mouth that must all be used proportionately.

From the explanation above, silence is about listening, paying mindfulness, and strong awareness. Even introverts rarely ask questions unless it's been planned and thought through beforehand. The introvert's silence also illustrates his respect for the people beside him. They don't beat around the bush but are often right on target.

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