Orkes Semesta Presents A New Way Of Enjoying Maliq & D'Essentials Audio Visual Concerts
Orchestra Universe (Photo: Vision+)

JAKARTA - Orkes Semesta will be officially released on May 22, 2022 on Vision+. Orkes Semesta will be the first original music genre with an audio visual concert from Vision+ featuring one of the most famous jazz and pop bands in Indonesia, Maliq & D'Essentials.

The jazz band will collaborate with other well-known Indonesian musicians such as Iwa K, King Nassar, Hondo, Lyodra, David Bayu, Ayu Gurnitha, and Muhammad Hanafi Lubis. Orchestra Universe adopts technology from Dolby that combines high dynamic range (HDR) with vivid colors, sharper contrast, and rich detail.

Meanwhile, Dolby Atmos made for theaters has immersive audio and allows content creators to place each sound exactly where they want it, making the resulting audio even more realistic.

"As our first entry into the world of music, we are proud to say that Orkes Semesta is one of the biggest innovations for our originals. We not only included immersive audio-visual performances performed by one of Indonesia's most legendary bands through Dolby Technologies, but we also featuring cross-genre collaborations between various local artists to showcase a dynamic music culture that suits the tastes of today's listeners," said Clarissa Tanoesoedibjo as Managing Director of Vision+ in a release received by VOI, Saturday, May 21.

The concert has a surreal theme around "Space" and "Orbit", combined with intimate dialogue that chronicles the manifestations of the Maliq D'Essentials in their careers and identities. "This is not only a breakthrough in the content field, but also a technological breakthrough for us as a streaming service to become the first OTT platform in Indonesia to adopt Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. As the limitations of content quality and local media increase, Vision+ will continue to explore so that we can use this standard in all of our other products and platforms.”

In addition to the concert, Orkes Semesta will also broadcast an exclusive closed interview with Maliq & D'Essentials which has never been published anywhere else, to the delight of fans and music lovers alike. As the first OTT platform in Indonesia to adopt Dolby technology, Vision+ strives to provide the best user streaming experience for the Indonesian people.

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