Synopsis Of The Korean Drama Doctor Lawyer Starring So Ji Sub, The Story Of A Surgeon Who Was Eliminated
Drama Korea Doctor Lawyer (Foto: Disney+)

JAKARTA - The Doctor Lawyer series, starring actor So Ji Sub, will air from June 3, 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar. So Ji Sub plays a famous surgeon who becomes a defense lawyer for a medical malpractice case named Han Yi Han.

Doctor Lawyer tells the story of a famous Korean surgeon who is imprisoned and has to lose his license to practice due to the unexpected death of one of his patients.

The incident forced him to leave the operating room, switch professions to the courtroom to defend people who have experienced the same thing, as well as reveal the truth behind the allegations he experienced.

For Han Yi Han, a former renowned surgeon, saving a patient's life is the most important thing to him. Yi Han is the best graduate and youngest doctor in his country, holding two specialist degrees.

He is known as a doctor who saves the lives of important people in his city and is in the process of becoming the chief surgeon. However, all his plans fail instantly because he is accused of being responsible for the death of one of his patients, causing his license to be revoked.

This incident made Yi Han decide to leave the medical world and switch professions to become a lawyer who defends doctor cases with similar accusations, where he has to meet the prosecutor who is also his ex-fiancé, Geum Seo-Kyeong. Besides So Ji Sub, the drama It also stars Lim Soohyang as the chief prosecutor of the Medical Crimes Division, Geum Seo Kyoung and Shin Sung Rok as Lee Jayden, the Director of Banseok University Medical Center.

Doctor Lawyer was written by Jang Hong Chul (Class of Lies) and directed by Lee Yong Suk (Haechi, The Village Archiara's Secret, The Great Seer).

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