The Reason Rossa Invites Lyodra To Join The 25 Shining Years Concert
Rossa (Tari / VOI)

JAKARTA - Rossa is getting ready to celebrate her music career by holding a concert titled 25 Shining Years. This concert will be held at Istora Senayan on Friday, 27 May 2022.

Rossa took several local musicians to perform in her concert, namely Ariel NOAH, Afgan, Eka Gustiwana, Lyodra, and others. Among the names, Lyodra is the only female singer to enter the line-up.

Rossa also mentioned the reason why she chose Lyodra to appear in her concert. According to him, Lyodra is a young singer who has extraordinary talent.

"For me, this provides an opportunity for musicians, especially new ones, but also certainly has extraordinary qualities on stage," said Rossa in West Jakarta on Tuesday, May 17.

"Lyodra is shining and I feel Lyodra will have a long career in the industry," he explained.

Rossa and Lyodra have met on several occasions. But for the first time Lyodra will sing with Rossa in his special concert.

"He (Lyodra) is good in personality, ability and hard work. Thank God I was given extraordinary support," said Rossa.

In addition, Rossa also has four music directors, namely Dandy Lasahido, Rishanda, Andi Rianto and Eka Gustiwana. He is projected to bring 27 songs that are arranged with a different concept than usual.

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