Can Open Masks, KotaK Is Ready To Return To The Concert At JelajaHIN Livin Sanur Fest
Tantri and Chua KotaK band (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The government allows activities without masks outside. This makes it easier to organize outdoor activities such as concerts. Tantri and Chua KotaK band admitted that they were happy and missed by the sound of the booming sound system. Because of that, they were enthusiastic to fill in the music event, JelajaHIN Livin Sanur Fest - Bali KemBali.

"It's really nice to hear such a great sound system. It's really nice to be involved in this event. In the future, it's planned that Kotak will make a concept that we have already made. There are several new songs and some old songs that people want to sing along. So people coming there won't be in vain," said Tantri when met in South Jakarta, Tuesday, May 17.

On the other hand, Chua also said the same thing. As a rock musician, he feels very homesick with the booming sound. In addition, he also missed the beat of the audience who was present in person.

"We miss the booming sound when we are entertainers on stage. Moreover, we are rock music. That's what we want great music, the beating of the audience," Chua said as quoted from ANTARA. one performer at "JelajaHIN Livin Sanur Fest". He felt very excited to be performing again at the event.

"Thank you, Box, for trusting us. Finally, after 2 years, we can taste a big festival. What we usually wear everyday is wearing a negligee, holding the dress on. Now we can put it away for a moment. We can hold the microphone, hold the bass," said Tantri.

Not only to appear at "JelajaHIN Livin Sanur Fest", Tantri said that KotaK would invite their respective families to enjoy the beauty of Bali. In addition, they also want to let go of their longing for Balinese culinary delights which were closed due to the pandemic.

"The plan is that we will enjoy Bali together with the family. So we will bring the family. What is quite interesting is that apart from having music events, there are also SMEs, right. Several times KotaK performed in Bali, KotaK missed the culinary there," said Tantri.

"I really like rujak kuah pindang. It's one of the rujak that I think is the best. Yesterday, during the pandemic, it wasn't there. The shop was closed. I hope that when the event comes there will be a lot of food on sale. Balinese products in particular," he concluded.

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