Rossa Holds Concert For 25 Years Of Work, Brings A Different Concept
Rossa (Tari / VOI)

JAKARTA - Rossa will hold a concert to celebrate 25 years of her career in the music industry. The concert is titled Rossa 25 Shining Years which will be held on Friday, 27 May 2022 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

Rossa recalls her musical career as one of a beautiful journey. He admitted that everything was done imperceptibly for up to 25 years.

"I don't think I worked so hard to make it happen today. I've been enjoying it all this time, recording songs, making music videos, I enjoy everything and it makes me feel uncomfortable," said Rossa at a press conference today, Tuesday, May 17.

10 days before the concert, Rossa shared some leaks for fans. Starting from the concept to guest stars who sing along.

“I invited four music directors. Dandy Lasahido who helps in every show, then there is Risyanda and she plays with my band. I invited my best friend Andi Rianto and the Magenta Orchestra, another one for the dance session which will be arranged by Eka Gustiwana,” explained Rossa.

He also collaborated with three vocal directors, namely Barsena, Ivanath and Gamaliel. A number of local musicians are also confirmed to join Rossa's special concert, namely Ariel NOAH, Boy William, Afgan, and Lyodra.

"I've never sung with Boril. I suddenly want. And he's a picky person. Eh, he wants it too," said Rossa briefly.

Rossa will also perform three songs that were never released as a single. He wants this concert to be an introduction to releases that don't get the public spotlight.

Besides Jakarta, Rossa will hold a 25 Shining Years concert in Surabaya on 25 June 2022 and Bandung on 29 July 2022. Tickets for the concert in Jakarta can still be purchased via the website.

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