Nikita Willy Confesses For One Month Taking Care Of Her Own Granddaughter Of A Conglomerate Owner Of Blue Bird: Emotions
Nikita Willy (Instagram @nikitawillyofficial94)

JAKARTA - Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan are enjoying their new life as parents of Baby Izz. Both take care of the baby in the United States which is the birthplace of the child.

Nikita Willy shares her opinion on becoming a mother in the first month. He felt a drastic change in his life.

“The first month of having a baby can be the hardest thing you will ever do. Emotions, lack of sleep, body changes, less makeup, oily hair, changing clothes sizes, my body goes through it all,” wrote Nikita Willy.

He admits that sometimes he feels insecure but he is grateful. Especially if he remembers the struggle to give birth to baby Izz.

“Then I remembered this body went through a lot and was allowed to heal. And I'm the creator of life and that's amazing. I respect every part of it," he said.

Nikita Willy also sends support to every mother who often receives bodyshamming.

"Remember that a mother's body is as beautiful as ever and we have a cute baby to prove how strong we are," said Nikita Willy.

Nikita Willy welcomed her first child Issa Xander Djokosoetono on Friday, April 8 in Los Angeles. She gave birth vaginally at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.

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