Who And Where Is Dr. Donald Cline, Doctor Of Controversy In Our Father?
Keith Boyle as Dr. Donald Cline (Netflix)

JAKARTA - The streaming service Netflix has released a new documentary titled Our Father. This film is a true story of a doctor who turns out to be the father of 94 children.

Our Father focuses on Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who uses his sperm on several female patients. It all started with Donald who founded a fertility clinic in Indiana in 1979.

Someone named Jacoba Ballard is the only child conceived from donor sperm. He believed he had a brother or sister. Once, he did a DNA test and found out he had seven half-siblings.

Ballard finds out who the half-siblings are until he realizes that they have the same parents - Dr. Donald Cline.

Who is Dr. Donald Cline?

Dr. Donald Cline is known as the best fertility doctor in Indianapolis. He even earned the nickname first-rate fertility doctor in the 1970-1980s.

Many patients hope to have a baby when they go to Dr. Cline. In 2014, it was revealed that he used his own sperm to inseminate his patients.

Jacoba Ballard, who has the initiation, is looking for any of her siblings. Dr. Donald Cline was sued but denied that he used his own sperm.

Where is Dr. Cline Now?

In September 2016, Dr. Donald Cline was found guilty of lying to investigators. However, he was only given a year's probation, paid a fine and lost his doctor's license in 2018.

Dr. Donald Cline reportedly retired in 2009. But no one knows where he is. The sperm insemination case also did not go to the authorities because there was no law underlying the fraud.

Launching The Atlantic in 2019, Dr. Donald Cline is still living as usual in the Indianapolis area. She also lives in a few blocks near the children and mothers who are victims of the insemination.

Lucie Jordan as the director said Dr. Donald Cline also tried to silence the brother from talking about this insemination. He also said the world doesn't need to know the director.

Meanwhile, the documentary Our Father can be watched on Netflix.

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