Before Approaching Nagita Slavina, It Turns Out That Raffi Ahmad Had Approached Desy Ratnasari But Was Rejected
Desy Ratnasari (Instagram @desyratnasariterfront)

JAKARTA - It's no secret that Raffi Ahmad's name has been associated with several public figures, especially female artists. However, recently a fact was revealed that Raffi had approached Desy Ratnasari.

Reportedly, Raffi began to approach Desy Ratnasari after ending his relationship with Yuni Shara. He also launched his efforts to be with the 48-year-old actress. Desy justified this when speaking at an event.

Kiky Saputri asked if it was true that there were rumors that Desy Ratnasari had approached and sent flowers. Even though he didn't mention the male figure, Raffi seemed nervous to hear the question.

"Eh, is it true that the interest is not accepted? I want to know," said Raffi Ahmad at The Sultan.

"Accept it. Until my son was confused, "Oh, it's crazy, this flower is really big, masha Allah" because it was placed on a big table," explained Desy Ratnasari.

"Anyway, he gave it when we were both single, right. 10 years ago, yes," Desy explained again.

Raffi Ahmad who heard that did not stop smiling even he was embarrassed. While Desy Ratnasari seemed relaxed about telling this.

"Honest. Has Raffi Ahmad ever had a crush but was ignored?” asked Kiky Saputri.

"Sorry, didn't mean to disturb your life right now. But I salute Raffi," replied Desy Ratnasari.

Furthermore, Desy Ratnasari explained that Raffi Ahmad even showed himself to be responsible even though he was younger than him.

"He had a crush. He once showed himself. To me he is a gentleman. So when he already has a (domestic) life, I'm sure he will maintain it," said Desy Ratnasari.

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