Accident And Death Hoax Appears On Eid Day, This Clarifies Zinidin Zidan
Zinidin Zidan (Instagram @zinidinzidan__real)

JAKARTA - Zinidin Zidan reportedly died in a car accident. This news was first circulated through the social network TikTok today.

Through the video, a TikTok user uploaded a video of a car being crushed and surrounded by people.

“Zidan had a single accident on the toll road at 00:40 in the morning and resulted in his death. May Allah rest in peace," the user wrote.

This news was immediately denied by Zinidin Zidan and his manager. His manager denied the news was true.

"Sorry to be born and inner heart for everything. I am Aliong, Zidan's personal manager, I want to clarify the video circulating about the accident on the toll road," said Aliong on the same day.

"Alhamdulillah, Zidan and I are safe in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, so the video circulating is a hoax and we will not remain silent for such slander," he continued.

Aliong warned netizens who liked to make hoax news to stop the news about Zidan.

"Please, why spread a slanderous video like this. What do we get? May all of you be in the protection of Allah, may you be given health," concluded Aliong.

Zidan himself just wished me a happy Eid through his Instagram account. He also apologized after the news that dragged his name recently.

The name Zinidin Zidan began to be discussed after he imitated Andika Mahesa singing in a teasing style. As a result, the video went viral and received criticism from netizens who defended the vocalist of Kangen Band. Zidan and Tri Suaka also made a video apologizing to the public.

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