Like Audi Marissa, These 4 Artists Changed Religion Following Their Spouse's Faith
Audi Marissa - Anthony Xie (Instagram @anthonyxie_)

JAKARTA - Changing religion should be the decision of every individual. Not infrequently there are several factors that make someone decide to take a different belief, one of which is because of love.

Audi Marissa is the latest artist to convert to the faith of her husband, Anthony Xie. This news was shared by her husband during a testimony on YouTube at a church.

Apart from Audi Marissa, here are 5 artists who converted to religion following their spouse's beliefs:

Audi Marissa

Audi Marissa and Anthony Xie got married after dating for several years. The public wonders who converted among them. It turns out that the answer is the Audi Marissa.

"Today I am very grateful to have God's royal family through his mission because of God's mission. My partner who used to have different beliefs today he can become a disciple of Jesus, and I can marry him as husband and wife," said Anthony Xie.


Asmirandah and Jonas Rivano's relationship was in the spotlight because they married in December 2013. It is known that Jonas Rivano converted to Islam and proposed to his girlfriend.

But now Asmirandah and Jonas Rivano have become Christians and testify about their relationship.

Jonathan Frizzy

Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka are indeed divorced, but the conflict between them had heated up and involved a third party. It was revealed that Ijonk (Jonathan Frizzy's nickname) was willing to convert to marry Dhena.

"Ijonk (Jonathan Frizzy's nickname) left the Lord Jesus and his family for you (Dhena). Remember, for you," said Ijonk's uncle, Benny Simanjuntak on Instagram.

Salmafina Sunan

After divorcing with Taqy Malik, Salmafina Sunan found a new lover, Greivance Lumoindong, the son of the priest Gilbert Lumoindong. Now, Salmafina officially embraces Protestant Christianity.

This was rejected by his father, Sunan Kalijaga. Even Sunan had uploaded a photo of Salmafina and wrote a wish that Salma would return to Islam.

Angelina Sondakh

Angelina Sondakh is known to have converted to Islam and married Adjie Massaid. Angie's father, Lucky Sondakh expressed disappointment.

"The second disappointment is because he converted to Islam. Sorry. Of course parents want their children. Don't blame me, yes, I don't hate it, but understand," said Lucky.

Freed from prison, Angie is seen wearing a hijab and wearing closed clothes. This proves Angie still adheres to Islam.

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