Different Religion, Nurul Arifin Holds Recitation For 40 Days Of Maura Magnalia's Departure
Maura and Nurul Arifin (Instagram @na_nurularifin)

JAKARTA - It is confirmed that Nurul Arifin will continue to hold a 40-day recitation for his daughter, Maura Magnalia. Even though they have different religions, Nurul holds recitations.

Nurul Arifin is a Muslim while Maura is a Catholic. Maura follows the beliefs of her father, Mayong Suryo Laksono.

The day before, Nurul's family also held a Holy Mass to commemorate Maura's passing.

During the event, Nurul recalled the last moment before Maura was buried in the San Diego Hills.

"For me, it's better at home. Even though his condition is limited, Maura was born and raised here,” said Nurul Arifin.

"I don't want him to leave this house. For me, he will always live in our hearts."

Nurul Arifin also believes that prayer can be done in various ways as long as the goal is the same.

Maura Magnalia died on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 due to cardiac arrest. He had to leave in the middle of preparing for college graduation and looking for a job.

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