Three Days Left By Maura Magnalia, Nurul Arifin's Feelings Are Still Up And Up
Maura and Nurul Arifin (Instagram @na_nurularifin)

JAKARTA - It was seen that Nurul Arifin and Mayong had just returned from a pilgrimage from the grave of their son, Maura Magnalia, Friday, January 28. Both admitted that they had just returned to visit Maura's grave, three days after the death of the princess.

To reporters, briefly, Nurul Arifin and Mayong still show their stubbornness. "Just finished the pilgrimage, trying to be strong many came to give sympathy. Ups and downs are still up," said Nurul Arifin.

Together with Mayong, Nurul was not willing to conduct further interviews and chose to stay in the house immediately. "Thank you guys," he said goodbye.

Previously, Nurul admitted that he had been so busy with political activities that he had little time to spend with his family. “I need to spend more quality time with my family. That's all. So a lesson. It's never too late, I want to start again if it's deemed insufficient," said Nurul.

The regret grew when Nurul reminisced about the last time he spoke with Maura. Two days before he died, Maura confessed to her mother that she was tired.

Before leaving, Maura was preparing for her master's degree and applying for jobs until she was exhausted. Nurul Arifin revealed that it was he who asked Maura to find a job. In fact, the child prefers to study.

"I said if he goes to college he won't work later, if he doesn't work, when will he learn other things. He really likes to study, yes, I'm a bit regretful, yes, pushing him to work, "recalls Nurul Arifin.

Mayong accepts his son's destiny and the regret that Nurul Arifin feels. "I saw her mother trying to invite Maura to her mother's activities. Not only social politics, when there were activities for women wearing pink clothes around Monas, Maura finally invited her to this meeting at another time. She was invited once or twice and then tried an internship at that time and waited Masters degree, want to try the Menpora office or maybe at the DPR office, the special staff office, it could take a few days. Maura concluded that I didn't go there, had time to try, he was just himself on the other side, and what didn't he want, I just went to college, "recalls mayong.

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