Visinema Answers The Other Side Of Della Dartyan Through Arini By Love Inc
The cast of Arini by Love Inc (Online Cinema)

JAKARTA - The production house Visinema Content is ready to answer the audience's riddle about the figure of Arini who is present in the films Love for Sale 1 and 2. The film Arini by Love Inc will soon be released through the Online Cinema platform in early February.

Arini by Love Inc tells of Arini (Della Dartyan) who works at Love Inc, a happiness-giving service agent. He intends to meet someone from the past but he doesn't know that his memory will be erased by the Love Inc system.

Looking for clues, Arini gets acquainted with Tiara (Kelly Tandiono) who also works at Love Inc. Both are looking for a way to find their own happiness.

Arini by Love Inc at first glance is far from the film Love for Sale, which is thick with romance. However, there is something that Adriyanto Dewa wants to bring as a director regarding Arini's character development.

“It's interesting because we are out of that world. We become more free in developing Arini's character. People are asking questions, so what's going on? Yes, we are not really making Love for Sale," said Adriyanto Dewa through a virtual press conference on Tuesday, January 25.

Although the theme seems science fiction, the story of Arini by Love Inc is very close to humans in general.

“All of the characters of Arini by Love Inc. are representatives of all human beings. I used to be a perfectionist but it was torturous. In general, humans like to be in control and work hard. Many humans work so hard that they forget to pay attention to something emotional,” explains Marissa Anita as Diana.

Della Dartyan as Arini feels lucky to be able to answer the mystery left by Arini in the previous film.

“I feel lucky to play this character from 2017. This character continues to grow from year to year. Being Arini, I can tell who Arini is," replied Della Dartyan.

The emergence of Arini by Love Inc. also departed from the public's response to the figure of Arini which left a mixed impression. The mystery of Arini's life will be answered through the film Arini by Love Inc, which will be released exclusively in Online Cinemas on February 4, 2022.

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