Being Cheated On Like The Story Of A Broken Kite, Ririe Fariuz Is Still Crying, Remembering Ayus And Nissa Sabyan
Ririe Fairuz (Photo: YT Maia Al El Dul TV)

JAKARTA - A year ago, the public was shocked by the affair of Nissa Sabyan and her bandmate, Ayus. At the same time, Ayus was sued for divorce by his wife, Ririe Fairuz.

Through a video shared on February 21, 2021, Ayus apologized for his mistake for two years. Their story was remembered by netizens after the series Disconnect Kites went viral. Warganet called their story similar to the Disconnected Kite.

Now, Nissa and Ayus are still making music together in Sabyan. Meanwhile, Ririe Fairuz has divorced Ayus and continues his life. Even so, Ririe still felt sad when she recalled her life story.

This was revealed when Ririe told Maia Estianty about her divorce from Ayus Sabyan on the Maia ALELDUL TV YouTube channel. "I've never been in a relationship, I've been dating for eight years, there's never been a break. Moreover, cheating," said Ririe.

Starting from zero together with Ayus, Ririe felt devastated when her husband betrayed her first. Ririe admitted that the separation was due to the presence of a third person at her wedding.

"You don't think it's the closest person who seems to hurt you?" asked Maia Estianty.

"I don't think so, until I asked my friends before asking my ex-husband, I didn't immediately say 'You are like this, no," said Ririe.

Ririe, who then collected the evidence, finally asked Ayus directly about the affair. Apparently, Ayus did not deny when Ririe emphasized the affair that shocked the social media world.

"I asked people around him first, 'What is the relationship between this and him?'

"And Alhamdulillah, my ex-husband is the one who never lies, if he really likes it, he likes it. He doesn't deny it," said Ririe Fariuz.

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