Dating Kanye West, Julia Fox Confirms Not For Money
Julia Fox (Instagram @juliafox)

JAKARTA - Actress Julia Fox has reportedly been in a relationship with Kanye West since the beginning of the new year 2022. Their romance was even more visible when the two attended Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, January 23.

Not a few suspect that Julia Fox is dating Kanye West for the sake of popularity. This was discussed by Julia through the latest episode of the broadcast Forbidden Fruits.

"It's funny that I'm getting all this attention, but I really don't care," said Julia Fox.

“People say, 'Ah, you're only (dating) for fame, for popularity, for money”. Honey, I've dated rich people my whole life."

The Uncut Gems star chose to focus on other activities rather than caring about other people's comments.

On the other hand, Julia Fox is very open about her relationship with Kanye West. Most recently, he wrote an article in Interview magazine entitled Date Night.

"(Kanye West's) energy is great. He made my friends and I laugh, dance and smile all night long. Everything we've been through is very organic, I don't know where it's going but if this is the future, I'm enjoying the ride,” said Julia Fox.

Kanye West and Julia Fox's relationship goes hand in hand with Kim Kardashian who is also dating Pete Davidson.

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