JTBC Producer Reveals Reasons For Showing Song Ji A On <i>Knowing Brothers</i>
Song Ji A (Instagram @dear.zia)

JAKARTA - Celebrity Song Ji A 'Single's Inferno' who is currently in the circle of controversy is seen appearing in the latest episode of the Knowing Bros program on Sunday, January 23. This caused many netizens to question JTBC's attitude as the broadcaster.

"Without canceling the broadcast, it seems difficult to delete all of Song Ji A's screen time," said the JTBC party, launching News1.

“The controversy regarding Song Ji A started before the broadcast and it was inevitable that we would keep airing the part. We don't want to edit the part of Lee Young Ji that appears with her, or cause Lee Young Ji to suffer a loss," they continued.

JTBC can only edit some parts of Song Ji A without destroying the flow of the show. “For this reason, we edited and aired parts and trimmed Song Ji A's recordings as best we could.”

Song Ji A's name began to skyrocket after appearing in the Single's Inferno program which aired on Netflix. However, recently, she was found to be wearing fake designer items during the broadcast of the event.

Song Ji A was also caught lying about the content of counterfeit goods and jewelry that she shared through social media. After that, Song Ji A wrote an apology to the public for this lie.

"I apologize once again for everything that happened because of my indifference to creative work and copyright. As a person with a dream to create a brand, I realized and am reflecting on this incident," Song Ji A said via Instagram.

The controversy led to MBC canceling the broadcast of the episode of The Manager with Song Ji A which was scheduled for January 29.

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