5 Yoga Movements To Increase Body Metabolism
Illustration of yoga moves that help increase metabolism (Unsplash/Maxim Chernichev)

JAKARTA – Metabolism is important for the body, not only related to health but also affects body weight control. One of the things that can make the weight go up and down is metabolism. If you want to get one of them, you can do yoga regularly.

Here, yoga asana movements that help balance the metabolism. Yoga asanas are exercises that focus the breath and mind. In addition, yoga also strengthens the core muscles and tightens them. Want to try the move? Here's the list.

1. Supine core pose

The first yoga pose that can help increase metabolism, taking a supine position. Place your arms at your sides and bend your right knee, lifting it up at a 90-degree angle. Exhale, and spread your legs straight. Point your left foot vertically and do this movement for 15 seconds. Keep your back comfortably flat on the floor.

gerakan yoga untuk meningkatkan metabolisme tubuh
Illustration of supine core movement, yoga to increase metabolism (Source: Yoga Journal)


2. Fish pose

Still in a supine position, the second yoga pose is quite easy to do. Once on your back, with your forearms flat on the floor, press your elbows in to lift your chest, and rest the top of your head lightly on the floor. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Plank pose

The plank movement is certainly no stranger to those of you who often do cardio. This movement also helps increase metabolism, reported by the Yoga Journal, Friday, January 21. Starting from the dog push movement to the downward dog, where the palms of the hands and the balls of the feet are the most attached to the floor.

gerakan yoga untuk meningkatkan metabolisme tubuh
Illustration of a yoga dog push that helps increase metabolism (Patrick Malleret)


Hips form a 90-degree angle, pointing toward the floor. Lift your left leg straight up so that it forms a diagonal line between your shoulders, back, hips and toes. The downward dog movement can be performed for 15 seconds alternately.

Next, from the downward dog, lower the arms and gripping hands. Engage your legs and lower your body into a plank position. Press your arms down to create space between your shoulder blades. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds.

4. One-legged king pigeon pose

From a plank position, release your hands to the floor. Lower your right knee to the floor towards the right. Keep your heels close to your pelvis. Fold forward and move your hands forward. If you feel your knee tense, place support under your right hip. Do this movement for 2 minutes then do it alternately.

5. Sitting meditation

The last movement is an alternative to the corpse body, namely by meditating in a sitting position. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and sit cross-legged with your palms on your knees. Bring your awareness to the natural pace of the breath. Fully experience this moment and let thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.

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