Naeun Absent Apink Comeback, Disappointed Fans
Apink (Twitter @apink_2011)

JAKARTA - Naeun has been declared absent from Apink's comeback promotional activities for a special album that will be released in February.

Apink's agency IST Entertainment announced Apink will be making a comeback in the second month of 2022. They said that the group will continue to promote with six members according to the initial agreement.

That statement changed this week where IST Entertainment named only five members participating due to conflicts over individual schedules.

"The agency is doing its best to adjust the schedule and continue communication so that Apink's special album which is meaningful for the 10-year debut anniversary can be carried out by the six members," said IST Entertainment.

In addition to the album photo shoot and music video, promotions for Apink's album were only carried out by Chorong, Bomi, Jung Eun Ji, Namjoo and Hayoung. Meanwhile, Naeun certainly cannot promote with other Apink members.

YG Entertainment as the agency that oversees Naeun currently said, "Son Naeun can't participate other than photoshoots and filming the music video because there are difficulties coordinating for the next project."

"Although it's a shame they (Apink) can't be together, we ask for support for a special album," they concluded.

Apink will release their latest album after Look in April 2020. Meanwhile, Naeun, who is now focusing on becoming an actress, is under YG Entertainment. He is also busy with the drama Ghost Doctor.

Fans who heard this news asked IST Entertainment to postpone Apink's comeback. The hashtag #DELAYTHEAPINKCOMEBACK is a fan's hope so that they can perform in full.

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