Spectacular! Agnes Mo's Face Becomes The Cover Of Famous Media In The US, Warganet: Very Cool Oath
Agnez Mo (Photo: Instagram/@composure.mag)

JAKARTA - Agnes Monica or commonly called Agnez Mo is back in public discussion. This is because Agnez Mo's face was featured in a well-known magazine in America, namely the 32nd edition of Composure Megazine.

Composure is a fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Los Angeles, United States. Agnes Mo's face was deliberately displayed by Composure Megazine through their social media.

Agnez Mo (Photo: Instagram/@agnezmo)

Through the official Instagram account belonging to Composure Megazine, Agnez Mo deliberately displays the face of an artist who has many awards and is multitalented.

"Our 32nd cover featuring the unrivaled @agnezmo has arrived! A stunning and stunning vocal range, numerous awards for singing and acting, and entrepreneurial prowess are just part of Agnez Mo's empire," wrote Composure Magazine. , January 16.

On the cover of the magazine, Adam Rosyadi's lover looks beautiful with an edgy style. She wore a white bodycon dress decorated with bright flowers. On the long sleeves there are ruffle details in the front and a high thigh cleavage.

Agnez Mo (Photo: Instagram/@agnezmo)

The "Matahariku" singer completed her appearance with a gold neck ring necklace. The necklace that Agnez Mo wears reminds him of the brass ring around his neck that the Karen Tribe, Thailand usually wears as a form of tradition.

In the next upload, the photo session showed this 36-year-old woman looking sexy with a bright printed shirt combined with an oversized puff jacket. Not to forget, she wore a gold necklace and hoop earrings.

Agnez Mo (Photo: Instagram/@agnezmo)

Uploaded next, Agnez Mo looks charming with a sleek hairstyle. Wijaya Saputra's ex-girlfriend looks stunning with her blonde hair flowing in waves. Her face looks beautiful with nude makeup style.

A number of the photos were re-shared on Agnez Mo's Instagram account. Many netizens praised Agnez Mo for making the Indonesian nation proud and proud.

"Unmatched!!" write the account @kiramd****"Yasshhhh it's really cool," said the account @kevinandre****_"I swear it's cool, Queen." said @edysofy account *****

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