Stephanie Poetri Nampang On Billboard NYC Times Square Thanks To Picture Myself
Stephanie Poetri (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Stephanie Poetri's latest single, Picture Myself, was seen appearing on Billboard New York in Times Square promoted by YouTube Music on Friday, January 14, United States time. That moment made memories for a row of Indonesian musicians whose faces were plastered on New York's Billboard Times Square.

Stephanie who was successful with her debut EP (Extended Play) "AM:PM" with 20 million global streams, brought a new single in 2022 titled "Picture Myself".

“Picture Myself is an acoustic rendition of what it's like to be remote and constantly wondering if it's worth it or not. As someone who has been in a long distance relationship, I feel like this song really captures the cycle of worry and loss and confusion," said Stephanie of her new single in her statement, Saturday, January 15.

This song is a collaboration of producer M-Phazes who has worked with Madonna, Demi Lovato, and Kehlani with songwriter Sarah Aarons who has worked on various songs for Zedd, Flume, to Jessie Ware.

Nostalgia and longing are woven into every word of “Picture Myself” as Stephanie faces the emotional turmoil associated with a long distance relationship.

“You moved out the West and I moved to the city. Made separate beds but I still hold you in my chest when things aren't looking pretty,” Stephanie sings the lyrics while accompanying the song with an acoustic guitar strum, quoted from ANTARA.

The warmth of the song is even more fitting coupled with the synth melody that makes “Picture Myself” comfortable for listeners to listen to.

The lyrics of this song, describe the worries and uncertainties that come when we are away from our loved ones, but we try to understand the circumstances.

On the music side of the video, Picture Myself, directed by Eileen Yoon, tells the story of Stephanie's activities around New York City, doing things she used to do with her partner and now she is alone.

The video also explains that sometimes someone just wants to be accompanied by loved ones to be able to share jumbo-sized pizza slices. For the artwork on the cover, Stephanie Poetri drew it herself, giving her new project a personal touch.

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