Kaesang Pangarep Asks for a Massage and is Called Bro, Netizens Defend Jan Ethes and Sedah Mirah
Kaesang Pangarep (Photo: IG @kaesangp)

JAKARTA - Kaesang Pangarep's way is to make netizens entertained. This time Kaesang uploaded three new videos on Instagram after deleting all his uploads. Kaesang initially asked Jan Ethes to massage him.

"The real thing is the massage," said Kaesang.

Jan Ethes also seemed to follow his uncle's words. He massaged Kaesang's feet up to his back.

In another video, Jan Ethes looks very happy playing with his uncle's hands. "Jan Ethes's hobby = Massage his uncle," wrote Kaesang.

Meanwhile, with Sedah Mirah, Kaesang asks her not to call Om but Big Brother. "From today you can't call me Uncle Kaesang. What do you call me today?" Kaesang asked.

Sedah Mirah answered briefly. "Bro Kaesang," she answered.

Seeing the behavior of President Joko Widodo's youngest child, netizens were amused. They make funny comments.

"Surely before it was recorded, he was invited to Alfa Mart to buy ice cream with chocolate for a bribe," wrote the netizen.

"Duh, ordered the president's grandson," another netizen wrote.

"It's bad that the president's grandson was told to massage," wrote the netizen.

"How dare the president's grandson be ordered," wrote another netizen in the comment column of Kaesang Pangarep.


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