Police Confirm Immoral Video Similar to Raffi Ahmad's Wife, Nagita Slavina, Engineered
Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina (Photo: IG @raffinagita1717)

JAKARTA - The police stated that the immoral video played by a woman who looked like Nagita Slavina was the result of engineering. This was revealed based on the results of digital deepening.

"The video is fake, the result of editing," said Head of Criminal Investigation at the Central Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Wisnu Wardhana when confirmed, Saturday, January 15.

It was stated that the video was engineered after the Central Jakarta Metro Police collaborated with the Cyber Sub-Directorate of the Polda Metro Jaya. Where, there are some clues found.

In addition, by knowing that the video was fake, the police began to investigate the issue of the uploader of the video.

In an effort to disclose, the police plan to examine the complainant next week. Where, the investigation of this case began with reporting because the video was considered to have disturbed the public.

"We want to clarify to the reporter first," said Whisnu.

Previously, an immoral video was circulated by a woman who looked like Nagita Slavina. Where, it looks like the woman is squeezing the breasts.

The 61-second video has gone viral on Twitter and TikTok. However, before long, the video quickly disappeared.

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