Jeff Smith's Profile, An Actor Twice Arrested For Drugs
Jeff Smith (Instagram @mr.jeffsmith)

JAKARTA - Actor Jeff Smith was arrested again by the police for using narcotics on Wednesday, December 8. He was officially declared twice caught by the police after the first in April.

"The artist's initials are JS," said the Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Police, Grand Commissioner E. Zulpan in his statement, Wednesday, December 8. The police have not explained the evidence of drugs seized during the arrest.

Mark Jeffrey Smith is an Indonesian actor who started with the television screen. Through the soap opera Romeo and Juliet, he started his career as an actor in the world of acting.

After that, he started playing in a number of soap opera titles, namely Magic Cinta, Pink Angel, Hati yang Memilih, Penakluk Hati, Sayap Pelindungmu, Cinderella Metropolitan, as well as several episodes of Wasiat untuk Bapak.

He also starred in a number of films where his big-screen debut was marked by Raditya Dika's film Koala Kumal.

He also played various titles, namely The Underdogs, Mau Jadi Apa, Sajen, Alas Pati: Hutan Mati, R: Raja, Ratu & Rahasia, Zeta, and Wedding Agreement.

His name began to skyrocket after starring in the soap opera Magic Tumbler with Syifa Hadju. As a result, he played Rendy for three seasons.

In 2021, he is also preparing for several projects such as Nike Ardilla: Bintang Kehidupan, Titisan Setan 2, and Daniel & Nicolette series.

Previously, Jeff Smith was arrested by the police for drugs in April. He was released from prison in September and apologized for his actions. But it didn't take long for Jeff to be arrested again by the police.

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