Not Aji Mumpung, Doddy Sudrajat's Defense For Mayang - Chika
Mayang - Chika (Instagram @dodysoedrajat_1)

JAKARTA - Vanessa Angel's father, Doddy Sudrajat, confirmed that Vanessa's two younger siblings, Mayang and Icha, did not take advantage of the death of their brother.

On November 23, Mayang and Chika released the music video Yesterday under the auspices of Vanessa Family. This video shows several pieces of Vanessa playing her guitar accompanied by the voices of Mayang and Chika.

Because of this, Doddy is accused of being aji while taking advantage of Vanessa Angel's death. Tuesday, December 7, Doddy shared a number of Instagram Stories.

First, he uploaded a video of Vanessa playing the guitar followed by Mayang playing the electric guitar. In addition, he also shared a video of Chika singing in public.

"2017 2018 is what I'm telling you. The children are excited to work and have to rest because of the pandemic," said Doddy in his upload.

He believed that the career that had been made for a long time was re-released not because of a name. Although the music video was released in the midst of mourning for Vanessa, he also said this was a process.

"So everything is not because of aji while but the process," said Doddy again.

"They are busy practicing music and vocals like I taught Vanessa," he continued.

Apart from that, this action has received a negative response from the public considering that Vanessa Angel's death has not yet reached 40 days.

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