Acting In <i>Sepeda Presiden</i>, Ariel Tatum Is Nervous About Filming In Papua
Ariel Tatum (Instagram @arieltatum)

JAKARTA - Actress Ariel Tatum returns to the world of acting through her latest film, Sepeda Presiden (President's Bicycle). This film is her latest work after two years of not playing on the big screen.

“Honestly, when I first received this job, I was very nervous. Because this is the first project I took after two years," Ariel Tatum said on December 6.

She had the opportunity to shoot in Papua for a month as a result Ariel found many interesting things while working there.

“The view, the natural beauty. Second, Papuan children have extraordinary energy," said Ariel, as reported by Paragram.

During filming, Ariel did not feel tired and got great energy from her co-stars. She also felt the pleasure of Papuan cuisine.

"Actually, I'm plant-based only while in Papua, I really eat fish because when else are we going to eat fish that die once, right... I'm from Jakarta," she said.

In the film Sepeda Presiden, Ariel Tatum plays Kinan, an influencer who wants to find peace by getting away from the capital city. Arriving in Papua, she met three children who had a dream to get a bicycle from the President.

Sepeda Presiden is scheduled to premiere on December 23 in Indonesian cinemas.

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