Playing In Dikta And Law, Natasha Wilona Puts Other Offers Aside
Natasha Wilona (VOI)

JAKARTA - Actress Natasha Wilona has been announced as the main character for the latest WeTV original series, Dikta dan Hukum. He will co-star with Ajil Ditto, Abun Sungkar, and Yoriko Angeline.

Again she played a high school boy after her previous project. However, the woman who is familiarly called Wilona even admitted that she was happy.

"I'm glad. For the sake of being a high school student, I cut my hair to make it look younger. I like the role of high school so that I stay young, I colored my hair black and keep my diet so it's not full. So let's look younger," said Natasha Wilona on Monday, November 29.

This is based on her preference for Dikta dan Hukum stories. When first offered the role of Nadhira, Wilona felt there was no reason to turn it down.

"A few months ago, I was offered to be Nadhira, I only saw the synopsis. I'm already sad to cry, I'm sure this will be good from the story, "explained Wilona.

She also entrusted Hadrah Daeng Ratu as the director to be able to mix emotions from this story by Dhia'an Farah. "I know the director with sis Hadrah, I don't have much consideration, I like Dikta Dan Hukum so I put aside other offers," she said.

Dikta Dan Hukum is Dee Company's first collaboration with WeTV. Natasha Wilona is told as Nadhira, Dikta's best friend (Ajil Ditto) who always supports her.

One time Nadhira and Dikta were faced with a plan that their parents wanted to match them up. So how's it going? Dikta Dan Hukum series will air in 2022.

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