How To Get Rid Of Dew On Car Windows When It Rains
Illustration (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The rainy season has arrived, one of the things to watch out for when driving is the reduced visibility due to dew while driving.

Car windshields are often found fogged from the inside when it rains because of the temperature difference in the cabin or because of a problem with the car air conditioner.

Of course, foggy car windows can interfere with visibility when driving, especially when it's raining.

Quoting Antara, Sunday, here are some tips to overcome the problem of car fogging when it rains.

Lower the Temperature Inside the Car Cabin

As already mentioned, dew on the windshield occurs due to the difference in temperature outside and inside the cabin.

For that, you can lower the temperature in the car cabin so that condensation is reduced.

Take advantage of the Defrost/Defogger feature in the car

If your car is equipped with a defrost or defogger feature, you can use this feature to remove dew on the windshield.

Defrost vents are usually located on either end of the dashboard.

If condensation occurs on the rear glass of the car, you can use the defogger feature.

Air Recirculation in Car

One way to deal with dew on the windshield is to use the recirculation button.

When this function is activated, the car will enter the air from outside the car and exhale air from the inside without changing the temperature.

That way, there will be no temperature difference that causes dew to form.

This air recirculation function does not need to be used for a long time. If the dew has disappeared, you can disable this feature.

Turn on the air conditioner and wipers

Dew is not only formed because the air temperature outside is cold, but it can happen the other way around.

The hot air outside and the cold temperature inside the car also allow dew spots to form on the windshield.

Don't worry, you can overcome this by reducing the temperature of the air conditioner, thereby reducing the condensation that forms on the glass.

You can also use the inner wiper to wipe off any condensation that has formed on the windshield.

However, make sure the wipers are on the slowest setting, so as not to interfere with vision while driving.

Open the Windows

The quickest and easiest way to remove the condensation that forms on the windshield is to open the car window.

You can open the car window until the dew dissipates, then close it again so that the cool air from the car air conditioner can be felt again.



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