So ODGJ In Just Mom, Ayushita Inspired By Cats
Ayushita (screenshot)

JAKARTA - Actress Ayushita plays the role of ODGJ (People in Mental Disorders) named Murni for the film Just Mom directed by Jeihan Angga. With her new role, Ayushita has a hard time getting into character.

"How's the character deepening? But Ayu's films and Dapur Film are never the same (characters)," Ayushita said at the Just Mom press conference on Friday, November 26.

Here, Ayushita is met with senior actress Christine Hakim who plays Siti and will take care of her. Still, Ayushita is confused by exploring the character as ODGJ.

"I'm here as an ODGJ, it's impossible to ask directly to the ODGJ, right," Ayushita explained.

Uniquely, a few months before filming, a cat came to Ayushita's house. This beautiful cat was in unkempt condition so Ayushita took care of it until one day, the cat disappeared.

Then he used the Japanese-style cat-finding method. He talked to the cats around his house to find Cookie, the cat's name.

"I said, 'Please, for example, if I meet a cat with green eyes, the fur is a bit long, please send me back here,' said Ayushita.

It turned out that the cat returned home within two to three days. When he met Ayushita, this cat didn't talk and only looked at Ayu all the time.

"When I got the script, I was like Mrs. Siti who likes to take care of children. I made Pure, her attitude and character are like Cookie," said Ayushita.

Just Mom is about a mother named Siti (Christine Hakim) who is in her old age. Her two children are married and busy with work.

One day, Siti meets a pregnant ODGJ (People Inside Mental Disorder) named Murni (Ayushita). Pure is cared for by Siti wholeheartedly while accompanying Siti's lonely life.

Just Mom is slated to hit Indonesian cinemas on January 20, 2022.

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