Arguing With Besan, Aunt's Father Brings Up When Vanessa Angel Is Imprisoned: Where Is Doddy?
Aunt and Vanessa Angel (Instagram @vanessaangelofficial)

JAKARTA - Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah's arguments continue. This time it came from the drug case that happened to Vanessa Angel in 2020.

At that time, Vanessa was arrested with her partner, Bibi Ardiansyah and her assistant in the Kembangan area. Although the test results were negative, Vanessa was found guilty of drug use.

After Vanessa and Bibi's departure, problems began to arise, one of which was the right of heirs and inheritance money. Faisal, Aunt Ardiansyah's father, was annoyed with the questions about these two things that were often asked by Doddy, Vanessa Angel's father.

"It's not even a month there, there is a problem in West Jakarta, I gave Rp300 million of money to her (Vanessa), I gave cash to her so that the case was over, who picked up the manager, where did Doddy go?" said Faisal in the South Jakarta area some time ago.

Faisal revealed that he and his family helped fully. "I said that if Doddy had never asked his son, what would his father-in-law's attitude be towards him, he was ashamed to ask for wealth, he was ashamed to ask for inheritance rights," he continued.

Furthermore, Faisal also explained that he was the party who paid for Vanessa and Bibi's contracted house, but he was reluctant to talk about it because previously he felt it was unnecessary.

"At that time, Febi (Auntie) said, 'Pa already got a house, Pa, but the cost is too expensive, the person asks for Rp. 70 million a year, and the person asks for two years, so Rp. 140 million, Febi doesn't have money, Pa, it's not enough for that.' , I said, 'Don't worry, I'll help you later', that's what I'll help you with," he said.

Faisal feels lazy if he has to talk about money, especially in public, but he does it to confirm Doddy's statement.

Doddy, Vanessa's father, felt that the separation of inheritance and heirs for Vanessa and Aunt was necessary. While talking to Feni Rose, he claimed that he also came to Surabaya when Vanessa experienced a prostitution case.

"That's not true, it turns out that Daddy went there to Surabaya several times, even Sister Rose went there too," said Doddy, launching the TransTV Official channel.

Regarding Vanessa's goods which she wanted to claim, Doddy reasoned that it was Gala's right, but it seemed impossible for Gala to wear her mother's clothes and bag. "But it's impossible for Gala to wear women's clothes, it's impossible to wear a women's bag."

Therefore, Doddy intends to create a museum for Vanessa Angel with the concept of a cafe or restaurant so that when the Gala grows up, he can see his mother's belongings.

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