1947 Cadet Movie Review: Historical Stories Brought Lightly
Cadet 1947 (Temata Studios)

JAKARTA - Historical films are always interesting to watch. This time, the production house of Temata Studio presented the 1947 film Cadet, directed by Rahabi Mandra and Winaldo Artaraya Swastia.

Cadet 1947 tells the story of a group of cadets or prospective Air Force pilots who carried out Indonesia's first air attack on the Dutch army in 1947.

They are Mulyono (Kevin Julio), Sigit (Bisma Karisma), Suharmoko (Omara Esteghlal), Saptoadji (Marthino Lio), under the orders of Kardi (Hardi Fadhillah). In addition, there is a team of technicians who help the Cadets, namely Tardjo (Wafda Saifan), Kapoet (Fajar Nugra), and Dul (Chicco Kurniawan).

On their way, the Cadets often get ridicule from the pilots. Even so, they remained persistent in working on aircraft for battle. At that time the Dutch Military Aggression 1 occurred where the Dutch carried out attacks in several areas in Indonesia.

The cadets also asked for permission to take part but were forbidden because they were still students so they were not allowed to carry weapons and ride planes. Then, Saptoadji made a plan so they could fly.

Plots adapted from real events can be mixed lightly by the director. This is helped thanks to the element of comedy that is thin but neutralizes the scene.

The side of drama presented by Sigit and his girlfriend, Asih (Givina Lukita) also helped lighten the story of Cadet 1947. Givina's debut on the big screen was very well done.

The Cadets have unbelievable chemistry. Not to mention the presence of Agustinus Adisutjipto (Andri Marshadi), Halim Perdanakusuma (Ibnu Jamil), Sudirman (Indra Pacique), and Soekarno, played by Ario Bayu.

One of the things that catches the eye is the design of the production set and the stunning details. It's just that the CGI in Cadet 1947 feels awkward but doesn't interfere with the whole story.

The Cadet 1947 theme song entitled Bakti, sung by Anneth, also made the climax scene feel majestic and made goosebumps.

Overall, Cadet 1947 focuses on the journey of the Cadets rather than the historical story. However, this film is able to execute a history that not many people know.

The film Cadet 1947 can be seen in Indonesian cinemas starting Thursday, November 25.

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