Vanessa Angel's Father Wants To Create A Museum Like Nike Ardilla, Can He?
Grave of Vanessa Angel and Aunt/ Photo: Risky Sulistio/ VOI

JAKARTA - Vanessa Angel's father's discourse to create a museum for his son reminds Nike Ardilla's life story. Both Vanessa and Nike both died young in accidents.

Nike Ardilla died March 19, 1995 at the age of 19 in Bandung. At that time Nike was at the peak of his career. His tragic death in 1995 became the talk of the town when he was on his way to success.

The owner of the hit "Sandiwara Cinta" was driving a sedan which then hit the concrete. At that time, Nike Ardila was still young. The singer died at the peak of his career.

Even though he has long passed away, Nike fans are still loyal to visit the tomb to pray for him. Even the Nike Ardila museum is still often visited. This museum is located in a house in Cipamokolan, Bandung. In the museum there are cars and items that have been used by Nika Ardilla during her life.

His figure will always be remembered by his family and fans. The proof is, when Amel's figure appeared with a resemblance to Nike Ardila, netizens were immediately excited.

How about Vanessa Angel? Both died in an accident, Vanessa also became the attention of netizens for leaving her only son, Gala. Her husband, Bibi Ardiansyah also died on the spot so Gala became an orphan.

Doddy Sudrajat plans to build a museum for his son. He wants Gala Sky, Vanessa and Aunt Ardiansyah's children to be able to see their parents' memories. He hopes that Vanessa Angel's belongings can be saved and made into the contents of the museum.

Later Vanessa's belongings will be displayed as memories. The concept is made like a cafe or restaurant. Currently, Doddy is collecting the belongings of the late but he does not want to be called a separation but for museum purposes only.

However, Doddy is reluctant to call it a form of exploitation, as well as Vanessa Angel's two younger sisters: Mayang and Icha who released a song called Yesterday under the name Vanessa Family.

Through his Instagram, Doddy said, “We work with the totality of our skills. Not by exploiting children every day.”

However, until now the plan is not clear. Because Faisal, Aunt Ardiansyah's father admitted that he did not know about the Vanessa Angel museum.

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