Glutton, Nirina Zubir's Mention For ART And Notary Who Has Been Arrested
Nirina Zubir (Foto: Ig @nirinazubir)

JAKARTA - Nirina Zubir ensures that he will continue to fight for the land mafia case he is experiencing. The police are still investigating the land mafia case that happened to the family of artist Nirina Zubir. Investigators are still stringing together the roles of each suspect in carrying out their actions.

"We are still exploring the role of the parties, the role of Notary Farida, the role of PPAT Erwin Riduan or PPAT Ina Rosiana. We are currently still focusing on deepening it," said Head of Sub-Directorate of Harda Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Petrus Silalahi to the media crew, Wednesday, November 24.

In the case of the land mafia that happened to Nirina Zubir, the police have named five suspects. They are:1. Riri Khasmita 2. Edrianto (Riri's husband)3. Farida Notary Tangerang City4. Ina Rosaina; West Jakarta PPAT5. Erwin Riduan, PPAT West Jakarta

Based on the investigation, Riri had sold and mortgaged the land belonging to Nirina Zubir's parents. As a result, Riri pocketed Rp7.4 billion of money.

The suspects were charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 372 of the Criminal Code and/or Article 263 of the Criminal Code. They face up to five years in prison. Nirina herself said that she did not want the suspect to be only imprisoned.

He wants all his rights returned by impoverishing the suspect after being proven guilty. Through uploads on Instagram, Nirina called the suspects as gluttons.

"We will show ... who will devour who! We are the only ones who devour the usurper who clearly does not belong to him! Small if given the opportunity to become big, it can also threaten!," wrote Nirina Zubir.

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