Review Yowis Ben 3: Add Adults, Colored Overlapping Comedy And Relationship Stories
Poster Yowis Ben 3 (Starvision Plus)

JAKARTA - The production house Starvision Plus presents Yowis Ben 3 as the ending of the band's story, directed by Fajar Nugros and Bayu Skak. This film tells the continuation of the band Yowis Ben after reaching its popularity.

Bayu (Bayu Skak) is happy after Yowis Ben is gaining popularity and Asih (Anya Geraldine) always supports him. But problems arose after Cak Jon (Arief Didu) wanted to get out of taking care of Yowis Ben in order to go after Mbak Rini (Princess Ayudya).

On the other hand, Bayu is also confused because Susan (Cut Meyriska), Bayu's ex-lover, has returned to Bayu's life. Another Yowis Ben personnel, Nando (Brandon Salim) is also in a dilemma of choosing a career with a band or studying music abroad.

As one of the successful franchises, Yowis Ben 3 has succeeded in bewitching the audience with its increasingly sweet appearance and chemistry between players. This time, the band members are facing their maturity point.

Various bits of comedy with regional languages are launched in every scene to churn the stomachs of the audience. This comedy is still found in everyday life so that everyone can feel it.

This comedy is supported by the presence of several comedians such as Arief Didu, Anang Batas, Dono Pradana, Abdur Arsyad, Erick Estrada, and Joshua Suherman as Doni.

Several cameos were also present to add to the humor of the scene, one of which was the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, who was told to welcome Yowis Ben during an out of town tour.

Unfortunately, often this comedy has no relation to the main story and lengthens the duration, one of which is a horror story in the forest. The conflicts between the four main players and Cak Jon also overlap.

Apart from that, the ensemble of the players looks united and fun to enjoy. No need to doubt considering they have starred in this franchise since 2018.

Yowis Ben 3 comes as a comedy film with a deep message about being an adult. Targeting a youth audience, this film has moments of children with their parents, friendship, and romance. There is a surprise from Yowis Ben 3 at the end of the story that is worth waiting for. The Yowis Ben 3 film will be shown in Indonesian cinemas starting Thursday, November 25.

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