Long Before The Case Appeared, Nirina Zubir Already Received 'Warning'
Nirina Zubir (Instagram @nirinazubir)

JAKARTA - Actress Nirina Zubir is currently undergoing a land mafia case that makes her a victim. It is known that her former household assistant (ART) took property rights to Nirina's mother worth Rp17 billion.

It turns out that long before this case emerged, the Paranoia star received warning messages via telephone and letters. He was asked to be careful with ART at home but at that time Nirina did not want to think negatively.

"Sometimes there are lots of people who WhatsApp or send anonymous letters, to let you know, the term is you be careful with your mother's assistant," said Nirina Zubir in the event Uncovering the Gait of the Land Mafia.

"But we don't have various thoughts, so we never have bad thoughts about other people," continued Nirina.

Until one time, Nirina received an anonymous letter warning her that her mother's land would soon be sold.

"Until an anonymous letter also said, "You check your papers, yesterday your mother's land was about to be sold and it was in her name," she said.

Nirina who was confused finally tried to find out. Sure enough, when her sister checked with the Ministry of ATR/BPN, her mother's land certificate had already changed her name, namely her former household member.

In addition, the household member lied to Nirina Zubir's mother by saying that her land certificate document was lost and had to be taken care of. Nirina also tried to prove it by including documents to prove the embezzlement of documents by the person who had worked with her.

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