These 6 Photos Of Smiling Puy Brahmantya Eliminate Judes' Impressions In FTV Starring Former Steve Rumangkang
Puy Brahmantya (Photo: IG @puybrahmantya)

JAKARTA - Puy Brahmantya is often assumed to be bitchy because of the antagonist role he often plays in several FTV titles. Steve Rumangkang's ex-lover got the attention of netizens when he starred in an FTV entitled 'How to Make My Wife Too Obsessed with K-Pop' which went viral.

Because of his acting in the FTV, Puy Brahmatya received blasphemy from the public, especially K-Pop fans. Although often assumed to be a villain, Puy never loses his charm.

Of course, there is no doubt about Puy's beauty. This FTV player also has a beautiful face. This widow of three children often uploads her photos via Instagram.

When he smiles, Puy's face is far from the fierce and bitchy impression seen on FTV. She looks more motherly, especially if she is with her baby.

Puy Bramantya also captivated when he played Anita in the soap opera Forced to Marry Tuan Muda. Unfortunately, his role was discontinued. When deciding to stop, netizens also questioned the reason.

He explained the reason for resigning from the soap opera. "Here, I am Puy Brahmantya, stating that I am resigning from the role of ANITA because of 1 and 2 things that I cannot say because of internal problems," he wrote on the Instagram account @puybramantya, Wednesday, September 15.

According to him, Puy has worked professionally from the beginning of the promo for this soap opera until episode 35. "We are building chemistry together, my fellow players and I have also tried our best to make this soap opera the best soap opera and become a favorite to entertain the audience. at home," he said.

After leaving the soap opera, Puy then played a role in the Indosiar True Story series. However, Puy Bramantya was so tired that he dropped out while filming. Puy appears to have an IV in hand.

"Galgadot melehoy ... briefly traveled from the MKF studio to RSPI Bintaro. Bismillah, let's be healthy, let's continue his work again," he wrote on the verified account @puybrahmantya, Wednesday, November 10.

As of today, Wednesday, November 24, Puy Brahmantya has not provided the latest news. Puy remains in hospital as of November 20.

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