The Struggle Of Indra Lesmana's Wife Who Was Exposed To COVID-19 With Comorbid Autoimmune
Indra Lesmana and Wife (Photo: IG @indralesmana)

JAKARTA - COVID-19 is still a dark shadow today. Even though mutual immunity is starting to form, the risk for people who are exposed to it is still great. Especially if you have a congenital disease such as Indra Lesmana's wife who has a history of autoimmune.

Indra recounted the beginning of his wife's exposure to COVID-19 via Instagram. He was grateful to be able to reunite with his wife.

"Thank God, today I can finally be with my wife again after being separated for 2 weeks," wrote Indra Lesmana on his Instagram account, while displaying photos of his wife.

Indra Lesmana said he was proud of his wife's struggle to recover from Covid-19. In fact, the wife has an autoimmune comorbid.

"I am very grateful and at the same time proud of my wife who has won the fight against Covid19 and became a Covid Survivor with autoimmune comorbidities," said Indra Lesmana.

His wife was first exposed to the virus and started showing symptoms on November 4, 2021. "Until November 7, we decided to do PCR. The next day, the 8th morning, the PCR results showed positive with CT 13," he said.

Indra Lesmana immediately acted quickly by taking his wife to a hospital in the Kuta area, Bali.

"That morning we rushed to the Covid Emergency. After being examined, Hon was deemed to have mild symptoms, so he was given medicine and allowed outpatient treatment by self-isolation," said Indra Lesmana.

Indra had time to think hard whether to bring his wife in self-isolation at home or in the hospital. After trying to contact his friends in Bali, Indra was recommended to Isoter (Centralized Isolation).

"But for Isoter, of course, blood results and CxR data are needed, which turned out after being checked, Hon was in the category of being exposed to COVID-19 with moderate/severe symptoms plus having autoimmune comorbidities and had to be hospitalized right away," said Indra Lesmana.

Indra, who by that time was already feeling tired and exhausted, finally decided to have dinner, take antiviral drugs and other medicines, and spend the night at Villa Isoter.

"I went home and isolated myself by not seeing the children first. Me and Hon before going to bed set an alarm every 3 hours to wake up and check saturation via an oxymeter. That night Hon had a high fever," Indra wrote.

Indra also directed his wife to be treated at Surya Husadha Hospital. "After Hon entered the isolation ward, we separated and I went home again by self-isolation and strict procedures while keeping a distance from the children. 3 days later we did PCR and Alhamdulillah we were all negative at home," said Indra Lesmana.

In the next upload, Indra Lesmana told his wife's hard struggle. "Days 6, 7 and 8 are the hardest days, the Hon saturation drops and every cough (sorry) bleeds," he said.

"Thank God Hon passed his critical period well and on Saturday, November 20, we were informed by a team of doctors that Hon's progress was very possible for outpatient recovery, God willing, Tuesday, November 23," said Indra Lesmana.

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