Jourdy Pranata And Putri Marino Cozy Together At One Night Stand
Putri Marino - Jourdy Pranata (Online Cinema)

JAKARTA - One Night Stand is the latest original film to be shown on the Online Cinema streaming service. Directed by Adriyanto Dewo, this film takes the theme of romance and the journey between the two main characters.

One Night Stand tells the story of Ara (Jourdy Pranata) who meets Lea (Putri Marino) at a funeral. Their brief encounter brings them to feelings but realizes this is only temporary.

This film was done in the midst of a pandemic and even the first meeting was done virtually.

"We met on the first day of the workshop and it turned out that when we met, this was the chemistry we needed, even though they (Jourdy - Putri) had never met," said producer Perlita Desiani at a virtual press conference on Wednesday, November 24.

Jourdy Pranata as the main actor admitted that he was nervous when he played a role with Putri Marino. “I was nervous because I was closer to her sister (Putri), Sitha Marino. Who doesn't like Putri Marino and here I am given the opportunity to act with her and it's quite extreme, "explained Jourdy.

The story itself centers on the interactions between Ara and Lea as two people who find comfort. "Many have experienced it. We meet people who, although short, become memories that change one individual in the next step, "said Adriyanto Dewo as the director.

While filming, Jourdy also felt comfortable, there was even one scene that was recorded for up to 15 minutes because the conversation was in-depth.

“Actually, there is no special formula (for chemistry). When we are with Jourdy, we are both open and we both want to be serious about our characters. So when we met, we immediately felt comfortable, immediately chatted," said Putri Marino.

Besides Jourdy and Putri, this film will also star Agnes Naomi and Edward Manalu. The One Night Stand will be broadcast exclusively at Online Cinemas for IDR 26,000 starting on November 26.

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