Bhishma Karisma Claims To Be Close To Givina Lukita
Bisma Kharisma (Photo: IG @sibisma)

JAKARTA - Bisma Karisma and Givina Lukita are close to each other. The closeness they built for their role as lovers in the 1947 film Cadet.

To build love in the midst of war conflicts in 1947, Bisma Karisma and Givina Lukita admitted that they had no difficulties. "So the unique thing is that we can only meet reading twice. There are a lot of concerns, because the relationship between Asih and Sigit is actually really deep. So we just talk a lot," said Givina Lukita, Monday, November 22.

"I was confused. Moreover, he is also my brother's friend. Then I met him several times like bro. I never saw him in a romantic way. But when he was on location, when he was wearing a costume, it just flowed," he continued.

Furthermore, Bisma Karisma as Givina's co-star added that they both always apply good and correct Indonesian speaking before shooting.

"Even to use standard Indonesian, we did it together to maintain the chemistry as well and even though we only read twice, Asih always came to the set to accompany her," said Bisma.

However, on the other hand, Givina admitted that she felt quite burdened as the only female actor in the 1947 film Cadet.

"From the beginning I entered this film project, I had my own worries. Because I am a new child, the only girl. I have my own worries about how to work with seniors and great people," said Givina Lukita.

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