Not Compatible With Indra Brugman, Cita Citata Uses A Mannequin As A Substitute For A Boyfriend
Cita Cited (Photo: IG @cita_citata)

JAKARTA - Cita Citata once uploaded several photos with Indra L Bruggman. Not an ordinary photo, the two of them look more intimate and intimate. Warganet also thought that the two were in a special relationship.

The news of Cita Citata and Indra's closeness was first revealed through uploads on social media accounts. Some time ago the singer of the song 'It's Painful Here' posted a photo where the two of them looked very close and pressed their faces to each other.

When asked about this, Cita Citata admitted that she was in a close relationship with Indra. However, there are those who don't want to believe it right away and think the photo is just a setting.

It turned out that their relationship did not continue. To the media, Cita Citata admitted that she could not continue further relations with Indra Brugman.

"That's right, it doesn't break, it doesn't happen. It doesn't match, it doesn't connect," Cita said, quoted from the INFOLINE ID Youtube Channel, Tuesday, November 22.

Cita admitted that she did not want to be grandiose when looking for a potential husband. "I just want him to understand my job. It doesn't matter if it's from a fellow music industry, the important thing is that they can support each other. You don't have to be very rich, the important thing is that you are responsible," he added.

Intending to adopt a child, Cita Citata certainly wants to get married soon. Because the law in Indonesia does not allow unmarried people to adopt children.

The proof, in Cita's upload on Instagram, she announced she was looking for a boyfriend in a unique way. Having no boyfriend, he takes a photo with a mannequin and says his life isn't perfect.

"Photo with boyfriend, no girlfriend.. yes, it's the same with the mannequin.. Ah, life is #imperfect," wrote Cita Citata.

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