8 Photos Of Gracia Indri's Wedding, Simple But Sacred To The Point Of Making Irfan Hakim Cry
Gracia Indri's Wedding (Photo: IG @iam_wills)

JAKARTA - Saturday, November 20, Gracia Indri officially released her widowhood after marrying a man from the Netherlands, Jeffrey. Gracia Indri's wedding took place in Kasteel de Wittenburg, Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

In a room, Gracia and Jeffry appear to be following a sacred marriage blessing. In the sacred procession, Gracia Indri was also accompanied by her mother.

Jeff looked dashing in a dark blue suit. Meanwhile, Gracia Indri looked stunning in a white wedding dress in an elegant classic style.

This inter-state wedding was only attended by Gracia Indri's closest family and relatives. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Netherlands made their wedding unable to be attended by many people.

Not many families were present in person at the event. Although simple, but the aura of happiness can not be hidden in the marriage.

When the priest greeted Gracia in Indonesian, Gracia gave a thumbs up. Apparently, the happiness was more complete because his friends in Indonesia also witnessed his virtual wedding.

One of the relatives who attended the sacred event was Irfan Hakim, this famous presenter even cried when he saw his best friend finally remarried.

Irfan cried many times when he saw Gracia receive a wedding ring, when he made a promise, until he got a kiss from his husband. "Gracia has the right to be happy with new people," Irfan said on the YouTube channel deHakim Family, quoted on Tuesday, November 23.

Before getting married, Gracia Indri was more comfortable to publicize their relationship until finally getting married. Previously, Gracia Indri had admitted that she wanted to live a new life with Jeff.

The dream is like getting the green light, when the lover finally proposes to Gracia Indri. Not long ago, she shared a sweet moment when Jeff proposed to her.

This is Gracia Indri's second marriage after being married to David NOAH in 2014. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce on May 3, 2018.

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