1947 Cadets, Struggle Of Candidates For TNI Members To Fly In The Period Of Military Aggression
1947 Cadet director, producer and performer (Dance/VOI)

JAKARTA - Temata Studios will release a new film entitled Cadet 1947. As the name implies, this film focuses on the stories of cadets who have not been widely highlighted by the public.

Inspired by a true story, Cadet 1947 tells of a group of cadets or prospective members of the Indonesian Air Force: Mulyono (Kevin Julio), Sigit (Bisma Karisma), Suharmoko (Omara Esteghlal), Saptoadji (Marthino Lio), under the orders of Kardi (Hardi Fadhillah) who carried out the first Indonesian air attack on the Dutch army in 1947. At that time the first Dutch Military Aggression occurred.

"Basically, this film is a youth film, right, these 1947 cadets fought with enthusiasm with their stubbornness, so you could say the concept was cadets themselves," said Aldo Swastia, one of the directors of the 1947 Cadets.

According to him, this film is also experiencing difficulties with the pandemic. They took advantage of the situation to sharpen the film so that Cadet 1947 performed better.

Released in November, Cadet 1947 wanted to take the momentum of Hero's Day which fell on 10 November. "We want to try the momentum on Hero's Day, just before, everything that was conveyed was really emotional to give this news," explained Tesadesrada Ryza as producer.

With the original story underscored, the cast of the 1947 Cadet agreed that this film could become public knowledge.

"So you know about the 1947 Cadets and heroes that many people don't know about," said Givina Lukita.

"So learn a lot. I have no previous knowledge of this history. Here, the production also gives us a lot of resources so we are historically literate. Come home rich,” said Chicco Kurniawan.

In collaboration with Legacy Films and Screenplay Films, Cadet 1947 will premiere in Indonesian cinemas starting November 25, 2021.

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