Love Of Fate Film Review, When Love Lost Taste
Movie Love of Fate (Photo: IG @klikfilm)

JAKARTA - If love and commitment do not want to go hand in hand, perhaps it is necessary to question the truth of two hearts. This story may be very common in life. The film Love of Fate portrays the story in a love triangle.

The film Love of Fate focuses on the love story between three young people named Nisa (Febby Rastanti), Adhit (Aksara Dena), and Arjuna (Dikta). At that time, Nisa wanted to visit her lover named Adhit so desperate to travel far.

During her journey, Nisa was accompanied by Arjuna, a man she had just met. Spending time together on a trip makes the seeds of love grow between Nisa and Arjuna.

The meeting with Arjuna turned out to have caused a dilemma in Nisa. Now, Nisa is faced with the reality of choosing between her lover or Arjuna.

The story of this one hour film is simple, simple. About a lost heart About a new taste that shakes old love.

Packed with road movies, travel movies colored with drama, vehicle problems and beautiful places. This film is interesting to watch over coffee after work. Don't expect much about the complexity of the story, just enjoy the song, enjoy the simple love. Love and Fate airs on Klik Film.

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