Blibli From The Hartono Brothers' Djarum Group To Acquire Ranch Market
Ranch Market outlets. (Photo: Doc. Grand Indonesia Mall)

JAKARTA - e-commerce manager, PT Global Digital Niaga is reportedly willing to acquire a majority stake in PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk (RANC) aka Ranch Market. Blibli, the e-commerce company owned by the Djarum Group, has reportedly signed an agreement to acquire 797.9 million shares, equivalent to 51 percent of RANC's shares.

According to Bloomberg News, quoted on Thursday, September 16, this acquisition plan is said to have originated from the company's official announcement.

Blibli will acquire 797.9 million shares of RANC from several shareholders, namely PT Wijaya Sumber Sejahtera and Prima Rasa Inti through direct negotiations with these shareholders.

Currently, PT Wijaya Sumber Sejahtera controls 26.88 percent of RANC's shares. Meanwhile, PT Prima Rasa Inti, which is controlled by Hendra Arifin, the founder of Hoka Hoka Bento, holds 18.72 percent.

The transaction value of 51 percent of RANC's shares is estimated at IDR 1.76 trillion. This assumption uses RANC's stock price benchmark on Thursday, September 16 which closed at Rp 2,200 per share.

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