Secretary General Of KKP: ASEAN Countries Need To Pay Attention To Fishermen And Small Fish Cultivators
Secretary General of the KKP Antam Novambar. (Photo from KKP Doc).

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) invites ASEAN countries to overcome potential export barriers to the United States after the implementation of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act (US MMPA).

Secretary General of the KKP Antam Novambar said one of the efforts being encouraged was to focus on fixing small-scale fisheries in the ASEAN region.

"ASEAN countries need to pay more attention to fishermen and small fish cultivators by increasing their competence. This is important because it relates to the export performance of fishery products from ASEAN member countries to global markets, especially America," said Antam Novambar, quoted by Antara, Sunday. June 26.

Antam added that the issue of fishermen and small-scale cultivators, which dominate in number, has the potential to affect the export performance of ASEAN member countries to the global market, especially the United States, because it is related to the standardization of the products produced.

For that, he said, during the meeting his party also asked the United States government to increase support, both capacity and technical so that ASEAN countries could meet these standards.

"The Indonesian delegation also emphasized the importance of capacity building support to ASEAN countries by the American Government through capacity building and technical support to meet the standards set out in the US MMPA," he said.

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