Mutual Fund Investment Features In The Livin By Mandiri Application Aiming At The Millennial Market
Illustration (Photo: Doc. Bank Mandiri)

JAKARTA – PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. Mentioned that he has just launched a new feature that offers users the convenience of investing in mutual funds more quickly and safely in the official Livin by Mandiri application.

Bank Mandiri Deputy President Director Alexandra Askandar said this step was a strategy to capture opportunities due to the high public interest in investing.

"Customers only need to register by accessing the investment menu on our official application with the yellow logo and filling out a risk profile questionnaire to find out which mutual fund products are suitable," he said in a press statement on Monday, May 23.

According to Alexandra, the company is committed to providing financial solutions for customers that are complete and relevant to the needs of society in the digital era.

"Customers also don't need to spend big capital, they just need to buy mutual funds starting from Rp. 100,000. Later, customers can monitor their portfolio anytime and anywhere more practically in one application," he said.

Alexandra added that the launch of this latest feature also increases the opportunity to be able to acquire millennials who are interested in allocating their funds into investment instruments. Moreover, mutual fund investment instruments have been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Furthermore, he explained that customers can determine the type of portfolio according to their risk profile, including the amount of investment. This means that customers do not need to switch applications to make purchases or payments.

Then, users don't need to bother with top-ups to invest regularly, because this feature is equipped with a periodic investment feature via autodebit from a Bank Mandiri savings account.

"Bank Mandiri does not only focus on providing financial services, but also prioritizes providing appropriate advisory to customers. We hope that business adaptation through digitizing transactions for investment products can expand target segmentation and more integrated management of customer funds," he said.

For information, the number of customers managed by this state-owned wealth management bank has reached 127,000 customers and is expected to grow more than eight times in 2024.

Meanwhile, the number of Livin by Mandiri transactions is claimed to be able to touch 600 million transactions in April 2022, growing more than 70 percent compared to the same period last year and has been downloaded 12 million times.

"We will continue to innovate and bring features and other exclusive collaborations to provide convenience to customers," concluded Alexandra.

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